Project 3: School's Out

This is the third project on Virtual Reality. It explores VR playset and demonstration of VR interaction. The purpose of this project is to represent how people can use this technology with VR headsets for education, work, and interactions. My version of this classroom captures who I am as a person. Every avatar has their own animation, each of them changes animation when player get close to them and speaks a unqiue sentence.

Below contains an Application video, carousel of images, instruction guide, and a 500 word essay.

Application video: Click on the video to play.
Carousel of Images: There is left and right arrow that you can press to navigate between images. Each images contains a caption.
Instruction Guide: Please click on the word "Instructions." to expand the instruction guide.
500 Word Essay: Please click on the word "The use of VR Interaction." to expand and read the essay.

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