Project 1: Things Will Never be the Same

This project is about Augmented Reality. It explores AR widgets ranging from 3D clock to a 3D weather device. There is a hint of magic and wizardry theme. It represents of how magical and mysterious AR is in its current state. These widgets can tell time, date, and weather infomation. The goal of this is to one day replace the physical widgets with trackers with the hope that AR glasses will become the norm. The use of these are easy, all you need is the AR tracker image and let the camera and the software handle the rest.

Links and resources are at end of this page. Please contact me for any additional questions.

Alpha Implementation



  • Simple Low Poly Assets by Quaternius
  • Low Poly Assets by Polyperfesct
  • Smoke Effect Inspired by Xenosmash Games
  • Glass Shader Inspired by Alastair Aitchison
  • High Poly Raindrop by Danfinlay [Sketchfab]
  • Weather Sound Effects by Soundly